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Yoga Programs

Beginner yoga: Beginner yoga class are suitable for both the first time student and any student interested in becoming further rooted in the basics of yoga. Through the guided use of props (such as bolsters, blocks, and straps) this slow paced class focuses on creating structural balance and health through postures that build strength and flexibility combined with breathing techniques that help to calm and focus the mind.

Open Level: Open level class are suitable for everyone, although they will not have as extensive instructions for the first time beginner student. Many classes offer more advanced options (as well as arm balances and inversions) for the more experienced practitioner as well as modifications for those who are newer students or are recovering from injury.

First time student will receive a free class with purchase.

A minimum of 5 people is required to hold a class. Anything less the class will be cancelled. Please be sure to register on the website to save your spot! 

Yoga Packages:

5 Class Package $80  ($16/class)

10 Class Package $130 ($13/class)

15 Class Package $165 ($11/class)

Monthly Unlimited Auto-Renew Memberships

With these memberships you are welcome to take as many Yoga classes from our regular schedule as you would like!  The monthly charge is deducted automatically from your credit card each month. Options for payment with check are possible for Auto-Renew

12 Month Commitment $108/month  (If you take 3 classes a week, you will be paying $9 a class, although you are welcome to take more)

6 Month Commitment $118/month   (If you take 3 classes a week, you will be paying $10 a class)

Yoga Mats are available for purchase at the Class! 

Follow me on Facebook  Internal Gratitude Yoga. All class cancellation and important information will be posted on Facebook.
Location of classes

Located inside the Jazzercize of Morris Plains

39 East Hanover Ave, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

For more information please call (973) 610-1934

Click Here to register and pay for this session.

Weekly schedule consist of: Open level classes are  Sunday's at 9:30 am, & Tuesdays at 7:15Pm Instructional  Beginner class is Thursday's at 7:15. If you can not attend a the beginner class on Thursday Open level class will also be a great starting place. 

Please clink on the yoga class link found on the right side of the home page to register for a class. or email and list the day and time you will be attending class. All class updates are listed on my Facebook page.

Schedule for the 2017-year *(S)= Substitute yoga instructor

January Dates -          Sunday - 1st No class,8,15,22,29
                                 Tuesday- 3,10,17,24,31
                                 Thursday- 5,12,19,26

February Dates -         Sunday-5, 12, 19,26
                                 Tuesday- 7,14th No class, 21, 28
                                 Thursday- 2,9,16,23

March Dates -             Sunday-5,12,19,26
                                 Tuesday- 7,14,21,28
                                 Thursday- 2,9th No class,16,23,30

April Dates -               Sunday- 2,9,16,23,30
                                 Tuesday- 4,11,18,25
                                 Thursday- 6,13,20,27

May Dates -               Sunday-7,14th no class ,21,28th No class
                                Tuesday- 2,9,16(s),23,30

June Dates -              Sunday- 4,11(s),18,25
                                Tuesday- 6,13,20,27
                                Thursday- 1,8,15,22(noo class),29

July Dates -               Sunday- 2-No class,9,16,23(s),30(s)
                                Tuesday- 4th No class,11,18,25(s)
                                Thursday- 6,13,20,27(s)

August Dates -           Sunday-6,13,
                                Tuesday- 1,8,15,22,29
                                Thursday- 3,10,17,24,31

September Dates -     Sunday- 10,17,24
                                Tuesday- 5,12,19,26
                                Thursday- 7,14,21,28

October Dates -         Sunday- 1,8,15,22,29
                               Tuesday- 3,10,17,24,31st no class
                               Thursday- 5,12,19,26

November Dates -     Sunday- 5,12,19,26
                               Tuesday- 7,14,21,28
                               Thursday- 2,9,16,23rd No class,30

December Dates -    Sunday- 3,10,17,24,31st no class
                              Tuesday- 5,12,19,26
                              Thursday- 7,14,21,28
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